The Following links should be helpful for Personal study; however, the reader is urged be careful with these links and "Test all things; hold fast to what is good." [1 Thess. 5:21]

A very good general purpose doctrine website, has new sermons posted weekly.

The website of Richard Thetford, a preacher who we are supporting in Colorado.

A helpful link to a church-finding engine.

A huge website with tons of literature, charts, maps, and sermon outlines.

A great tool for locating churches of Christ across the country and on the web.

Website with sermon outlines, articles, and other literature by Phil Martin, Mike Willis, Larry Hafley, etc.

An online store for church-related literature. Also articles, sermon slides, and a church directory.

The homepage of the church in Sunnyside, WA.

The homepage of the church in Yakima, WA.

A website maintained by Steve Wallace. It has numerous Bible studies and lessons that are engaging and informative.

The homepage of the church in Wilsonville, OR.

For those who want to study "en espanol" this is a website maintained by Guillermo Alvarez from Forest Grove, OR. It has all-Spanish tracts, Bible lessons, and Bible study prompts.