Our Worship

"For a day in Thy courts is better than a thousand outside. I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of my God, than dwell in the tents of wickedness" - Psalm 84:10

On this page, you will find information pertaining to our worship to God! Please read on...

Who is welcome at our worship?

We warmly welcome anybody to join us for one of our many worship opportunities. In fact, having visitors from the community is one of our greatest joys. We see it as our goal to reach out to those who are curious about the Bible, the church, or anything related to God and spiritual matters, so having individuals come and see us worshipping the Lord is a pleasure. The following is a list of our worship service times; all are free and open to the public:

Service Times:

You are always welcome!

Bible Classes (all ages) at 10:00 A.M. Bible Classes (all ages) at 7:30 P.M.
Worship at 11:00 A.M.  
Evening Worship at 6:30 P.M.  

Our Facilities

Our church building is located on 37th Avenue and Long Street in Sweet Home, Oregon. Look for our sign and stop by. There is ample parking available to our visitors, as well as spaces available to those with disabilities. The facilities are safe, clean, and suitable in all seasons for a comfortable worship experience. We have restrooms, a cry room for young mothers, and comfortable seats that are padded. Song books and Bibles are provided, as well as lesson handouts and pamphlets. For help with disabilities before, during, or after the worship service, please call the church office (541-367-1599) and arrangements will be made for accommodating your needs -- wheelchair service, hearing assistance, children with special needs, etc.

What will you find at each service?

On Sundays, we have a variety of worship activities that are interesting, informative, and inspirational. In the morning, we have Bible classes for all ages. Our faculty of teachers is well equipped to watch your children while you enjoy the adult Bible class. Not only that, but our devotion to a safe and friendly environment for children to learn is a key to the success we have had in the past with education. Each class deals with subjects suitable for the age group, with the youngest kids studying simple, practical Bible topics and the adults tackling tough subjects in an open forum. Participation is encouraged, so come with questions and curiosities. We only ask that you call ahead for the week's topic so that we can remain on task and productive -- call the church office for a schedule of Bible classes, (541)367-1599.

After our 45 minute study, everybody meets in the auditorium for the morning worship. We open with announcements about church members who are sick, in need, or traveling, and then offer a prayer, led by one of the men of the church. Another man leads the assembly in "a capella" songs -- that means we do not use mechanical instruments during our worship. We do this for two reasons, the first of which being our belief in the specific authority of the Bible. We see no examples of instrumental music in the First Century church, so we see no need for them today. Second, we believe that it pleases God more to hear us praising Him with instruments of His creation (our voices) rather than instruments of our creation (guitars, pianos, etc.).

After singing, those in attendance partake of the Lord's supper, or communion. We eat a small piece of unleavened bread in honor of Jesus Christ's body, and drink grape juice to represent His blood. This very important part of our worship is a simple yet powerful way of showing God how much we appreciate the sacrifice that Jesus made by dying on a cross almost two thousand years ago. If, as a visitor, you do not wish to participate in this activity, feel free to pass the trays on to the person sitting next to you. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable in any way while you are with us. When we are finished with the communion, we take up a collection of donations from the assembly. As our guest, please do not feel compelled to give any money. It is the duty of the members of the local congregation to pay the wages of our preacher, maintain the building, and use money for evangelistic work. Just pass the tray on to the next person.

After this, our speaker of the hour presents an entirely Bible-based lesson. These sermons usually are about 30 to 40 minutes long, and are made up of practical lessons from the Bible. Feel free to follow along with the Bible verses, take notes, or just read along in the sermon handout that will be provided to you.

At the end of the lesson, an "invitation" will be offered. This is simply a time that we set aside for people in the assembly to come forward and make their lives right with God. This is done by either obeying the Gospel for salvation (please see our plan of salvation page) or by confessing sins to the speaker of the hour.

Our Sunday evening worship is a little different. We offer the Lord's supper one more time for members who missed the morning service, and then enjoy another lesson.

Other Worship Activities

On Wednesdays, we meet again for Bible classes. The Wednesday night topic is always different from the Sunday morning class topic, so be sure to call ahead if you want to to know what we will be studying.

Throughout the year, the members of the church participate in numerous activities related to worshipping or serving God away from the church building. Every month, we get together at somebody's home and enjoy an evening of singing, praying, and scripture reading. This is usually followed by desserts and other snacks. While we do not use the church's money for this activity, it is an important time of fellowship and social interaction that individual members take responsibility for.

We also enjoy getting together on a regular basis for marriage classes. Many of the married couples of the congregation meet at a member's home and discuss topics related to improving our relationships.

At least twice a year, the congregation invites a different preacher to the area for what we call a "Gospel Meeting." This is usually a week long series of lectures devoted to a topic of particular importance to us.

For regular maintenance of the church building, we enjoy "work days," which are simply opportunities for multiple church members to gather together and repair, improve, or clean our building.

Every fourth Sunday evening worship, the church participates in a congregational singing, wherein multiple men from the assembly either lead songs, read scriptures, or offer prayers.

Aside from all of that, there are always home Bible studies going on throughout the membership. This is either for strengthening Christians or teaching those who are not familiar with God and the Bible.

We hope that you will make the time to come worship with us at some point as our honored guest!